VILAMOURA Marina cruises - PARASAILING fly

Parasaling from Vilamoura

You don't need magic tricks to do this, only love for parasailing.

Practicing parasailing you have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline of this sport for 10 min.
 Chosse the right company and have fun with a parasailing cruise.

Feel free like a bird and let the fresh air od Atlantic Ocean captivate your senses.
You can laugh, you can scream, you can cry, it's only you, the sea and the sky.

Surrender yourself to the big volumes of adrenaline that could be releases by practicing this specific sport.
There is no fear if you lack experience since expers in parasaling will assis you to get required skills.

Climb aboard the purposely built vessel to experience this exciting activity.
Not only do you have the opportunity to feel the power of the speed boad and fly hig, but you will also experience the spectacular ocean and coastline views.
Leave from the target at the back of the boat and sail higher and higher. Enter another world of peace and tranquility above the world.

Other informations:

  • Subject to a minimum of 2 pax to operate.
  • Pregnant woman and child under 1 year old are not allowed on board